PhD Researchers


At European University Institute (by year of entering the EUI)::




CINI, Lorenzo (IT)
Deliberative Democracy in Theory and Practice. Making Participation and Deliberation Real.

KUEBLER, Johanne (DE)
The Co-Evolution of Internet Activism and Governmental Response in Authoritarian Regimes.

Ethnic Violence and Peace in Southern Kyrgyzstan.

LEAL, Hugo Joel (PT)
A Complexity Approach to the Emergence of Social Movements in the Middle East and North Africa Region: The Case of Egypt

Social Movements and the State: Participating, Staying Aside, or Opposing? A Comparative Case-Study of the Bolivian Cocaleros, the Mexican Zapatistas, and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas.

ORAL Didem (TR)
From Contentious Politics in to Social Movements: Conscientious Objection in Turkey and Israel.




ELEFTHERIADIS, Konstantinos (GR)
Les mobilisations collectives de nouveaux mouvements de genre (féministes, homosexuels) en France, en Grèce et en Espagne: interactions, réseaux, acteurs.

HALL, Bogumila (PL)
Contentious Middle East: Dynamics of Bottom-up Contention in Non-Democratic Settings and Obstacles to Regime Change.

Le 'patto di mutuo soccorso': construire le conflit à apartir du territoire.

O'CONNOR, Francis Patrick (IRL)
A Comparative Analysis of Framing Processes which Facilitate the Emergence of Political Violence. Ethnic and Religious Frames in Rwanda and Algeria.

What News for Democracy? Shedding Light on Media and Democracy in Transition Countries.

Precarious Workers' Unions in Greece and Spain: A Comparative Research on the Organisational Structures and their Movement Activity.




ATAK, Kivanc (TR)
The Politico-Institutional Trajectory of Protest Policing: Post-1980 Turkey in Focus.

DAVIS, Donagh (IE)
Infiltrating History: Agency, Social Movement-Building and Systemic Crisis.

DONKER, Teije Hidde (NL)
Stability through Fragmentation: Islamic Social Movement Mobilization in Fragmented Middle East Regimes.

HADJ-ABDOU, Leila (Austrian)
Viennese Mosques, Austrian Headcarves and European Turks. Explaining the Politicization of 'Muslim Immigration'.

HEMKER, Robert (NL)
State Disintegration, Transnational Extra-Legal Activities and International Intervention: Towards a Political Analysis of Informality .

TEJIE, Donker (Netherland)
EU support for Midlle East Socio-Political Reforms: The Case of Syrian Authoritarian Resiliance and Islamic Social Movements.

Mobilization under Authoritarian.

ZAMPONI, Lorenzo (Italy)
Social Movements, Collective Memories and the Symbolic Construction of Conflict .




CERNISON, Matteo (Italy)
Social Movement Organizations and the Web: An Online Trace of the Global Justice Movement.

JENSEN, Helge (Netherland)
European and Arabic Traditions of Deliberation in Resource Management – Mutual Learning for Transnational Networking of Grass Root Communities.




DOROT, Roni (IL)
Political Revenge: Ethno-National Conflict and the Dynamics of State Retribution in Israel-Palestine (1948-2010).

Non-Violent Islamist Activism in Repressive States.

ROBERTS, Catriona Marie Louise (UK)
The Role of Emotions in Social Movements.

The Transnational Dimension of Civic Activism in the Post-Communist Space.




BOSSY, Sophie (Defended!)
Utopia in movements.

FUSTER I MORELL, Mayo (Spain) (Defended!)
Online Creation Communities Governance: Democratic Quality in Knowledge-Making Processes.

PEACE, Tim (United Kingdom) (Defended!)
Muslims in the Global Justice Movement: A Comparison of France and Britain.

ROSSI Federico (Argentine) (Defended!)
Social Movements, the Goverment, and the Political Context: A Comparative Study of Social Movements in Argentina, Brazil and Chile, 1995-2008.

PIOTROWSKI, Grzegorz (Polland) (Defended!)
Alterglobalism in Post-Socialism. A Study of Central-Eastern European Activists.

ZUTAVERN, Jan (DE) (Defended!)
Just Liberalization? Ideas, Justification and Rhetorical Choice in 30 Years of German Employment Policy Making..



MILAN, Stefania (Italy) (Defended!)
Frames of Participatory Budgeting in Europe. A Comparataive Case Study.

RÖCKE, Anja Katharina (Denmark) (Defended!)
Frames of Participatory Budgeting in Europe . A Comparataive Case Study.




ALCALDE, Javier (Spain) (Defended!)
The Determinants of Success of International Campaigns Carried out by transnational non-profit actors.

DOERR, Nicole (Germany) (Defended!)
Democracy, narrative and deliberation in the European Social Forum process.

LINDEKILDE, Lasse (Denmark) (Defended!)
Contested Caricatures: Dynamics of Muslim Claims-making during the Muhammad Caricatures Controversy.

MATTONI, Alice (Italy) (Defended!)
Media and “Movement of the Movements”. Interactions between activists and journalists in the construction of another possible world.

MONFORTE, Pierre (France) (Defended!)
The non governmental organisations in the European political space. A study of a sphere of mobilisation in the area of immigration and asylum policy.

PIRES, Sonia (Portugal) (Defended!)
An Institutional Approach to Immigrant Collective Action and Political Participation: The cases of Lisbon and Turin.



DEL GIORGIO, Elena (Italy) (Defended!)
Social movements and deliberative demcracy: the "Social Forums" in Europe.

MAVRODI, Georgia (Greece) (Defended!)
The Europeanisation of National Immigration Policies? 'older' and 'new' Immigration Countries in the EU.

PARKS, Louisa (United Kingdom) (Defended!)
Transnational social movements in the European Union.

SILVA, Federico (Italy) (Defended!)
Civil society and global governance of trade and labour.

TALPIN, Julien (France) (Defended!)
Forming better citizens? Identity building and citizenship formation through political participation. A comparative study of the internal effect of deliberation in participating democracy institutions.

ZORN, Annika (Germany) (Defended!)
Bringing equity back. Poor people's movement in Europe.

CHIODI, Luisa (Italy) (year 1998/99) (Defended!)
Transnational Policies of Emancipation or Colonisation? Civil Society Promotion in Post-Communist Albania.


As co-supervisor:

FERNANDES Tiago (Portugal) (year 2002/3) (Defended!)
Explaining Patterns of Voluntary Associations in Western Europe, 1918-2000.
Supervisor: Philippe Schmitter.

PICCIO, Daniela Romee (Netherland) (Defended!)
When Does a Political Party Respond to a Social Movement?
Supervisor: Peter Mair.

VOINEAU, Christophe (France) (Defended!)
Public Engagement and Scientific Expertise in Local-Environmental Decision-Making.
Supervisor: Rikard Stankiewicz.

Supervisées at University of Florence (all already defended!)

ANDRETTA, Massimiliano (Italy)
Nuove forme di rappresentanza politica: immigrazione, ambiente e sicurezza a Palermo e a Firenze negli anni Novanta, University of Florence, March 2003.

CAIANI, Manuela (Italy)
The Europeanization of the Public Discourse in Italy, University of Florence, September 13, 2006.

MOSCA, Lorenzo (Italy)
L’impatto di internet sull’azione collettiva: effetti sulla sfera pubblica, conseguenze per le organizzazioni di movimento sociale e influenza sugli attivisti del movimento anti-liberista" University of Florence, April 2004.

PARENTI, Linda (Italy)
Immigrazione e movimenti sociali, SUM, Firenze, 2008.

As Jean Monnet, Marie Curie and Max Weber mentor:

Bosi, Lorenzo (Italy)
Cycles of Political Violence

CHNG, Nai Rui
Even flow: Privatising water and mobilising power in the Philippines.




MOSCA, Lorenzo

MURO, Diego

As research assistant collaborators:

ANDRETTA, Massimiliano (Italy).

CAINI, Manuela (Italy).

MOSCA, Lorenzo (Italy).

WAGEMANN, Claudius (Germany).

GBIVPI, Bernard.