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Working Papers

·       Trade Associations: Why Not Cartels?” with D. K. Levine and Salvatore Monica

·       Public versus Secret Voting in Committees” with M. Nakaguma, under revision for resubmission Appendix

·       Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment” with D. K. Levine, R&R  American Economic Review

·       “Good Old Spendthrift. The Fiscal Effects of Political Tenure” with A. Cintolesi and D. Iorio

·       “Electoral Competition with Dynamic Campaign Contributions” with F. Michelucci


Work in Progress

·       "The Selection and Election of Politicians" with T. Nannicini, M. Onorato and F. Trebbi

·       “Why Pollsters are Wrong but Lobbyists Win: Economic Sociology and Political Economy” with D. K. Levine and S. Modica

·       “Expressive Voting and Soccer Hooliganism” with D. K. Levine and S. Modica

·       “Network Monitoring” with A. Galeotti and D. Levine



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