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Membership of the European Society of International Law is for the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. All members joining / renewing their membership between 1 November and 31 December will be accorded membership for the following year.

Please see the Individual Membership webpage for further information and full details of membership benefits.

ESIL offers standard and reduced membership fees. The following rules apply:

  • • A retired person is aged over 65 years and no longer in full-time employment.
  • • Student members study full-time at undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD level. Members who have defended their PhD are not student members, and they pay the regular membership fee.
  • • Reduced fees are offered to members who study or work in lower-income countries. Eligibility is not based on nationality or place of residence. Be sure to check the list of relevant countries before choosing to pay a reduced fee.
Important: Membership fees represent the Society's one and only source of income. We kindly ask all members who can afford it to pay the standard fee.
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ESIL Membership
ESIL Membership

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    Please note that due to administrative costs, the Society cannot reimburse sums less than 49 EUR.