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Welcome to my webpage!

Here you may find information that is mostly related to my research and teaching activities:

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   Personal information:

Born in León (Spain), January 1957 
Married to  Mirèia Carol i Gres
Four children: Manuel (my webmaster), Ferrán, Diego, Olalla


  Research profile:

My research has largely focused on the theory of games and its economic applications, with a special emphasis on issues of bounded rationality, learning, and evolution. Much of my recent work is devoted to understanding the interplay between strategic behavior and the evolution of social networks in complex environments.


  Past doctoral students (with first affiliation)

  • Arnold Polanski (Queen's Univ., Belfast)
  • Dunia López-Pintado (UAB, Barcelona)
  • Miguel Ángel Meléndez (Univ. de Málaga)
  • José Antonio García (Univ. CLM, Cuenca)
  • Rafael López (Univ. Complutense, Madrid)
  • Constanza Fosco (Univ. Carlos III, Madrid)
  • Friederike Mengel (Maastricht University )
  • Mark Le Quement (Univ. of Bonn)
  • Mariya Teteryatnikova (University of Vienna)
  • Joel van der Weele (Goethe Univ., Frankfurt)
  • Michael Lewandowski (WSE, Warsaw)
  • Roman Chuhay (HSE, Moscow)
  • Timo Hiller (Bristol University, U.K.)

     Current doctoral students

  • Emanuela Iancu
  • Gizem Korkmaz
  • Jakob Jeanrond
  • David Pothier
  • Jan-Peter Siedlarek
  • Kenan Huremovic
  • Irina Kirysheva
  • Anja Prummer
  • Matteo Fiorini
  • Adam Jakubik


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