My name is Ricardo Vicente, I am Portuguese, from the city of Lisbon. I enjoy very much reading, traveling, and cinema. I like very much as well to debate politics, economics and geo-strategic issues. I am an Economics PhD candidate at the European University Institute, in Florence, Italy.


People who want to find jobs usually write cv’s. Thus, if you want to offer me a job, you’d better read my cv.



Cinema takes place too at my university, you can check the program here. Opinions circumscribed to Europe, the world and, why not, that infinite though limited (or was it the other way round?) thing we call “universe” can be read and commented here (since January 2011) and here (up to January 2011). Newspapers made of paper still exist; recent opinions on paper newspapers are here and here.


Good old people can be found here.








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February 1st, 2011




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