The Social Movement Studies Working group (SMSWG) is an informal forum for anyone interested in Social Movement Studies. It aims to support social cohesion between researchers interested in these topics, while at the same time providing an opportunity to revisit some key social movement literature. The working group takes the form of two-weekly discussion sessions. The format is not very stringent: on demand it can be used to present papers, invite speaker, etc. The chair and kick off are provided by different researchers and post-docs.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend. More information is available at the dedicated pbworks site. For more information please contact: or


Session 1. Collective Behaviour and Relative Deprivation

Friday, 5 November 2010 
Seminario III, 1pm-3pm

Chair: Alexander Hemker and Teije Hidde  Donker
Kick off: Daniel Ritter

Session 2. Resource Mobilization and Rational Choice

Friday, 19 November 2010 
Seminario III, 1pm-3pm

Chair: Alexander Hemker and Teije Hidde  Donker
Kick off: Lorenzo Bosi

Session 3. Framing, Culture and Emotions

Friday, 17 December 2010 
Seminario IV, 1pm-3pm

Chair: Kivanç Atak and Teije Hidde  Donker
Kick off: TBA

Session 4. Marxist Approaches and New Social Movements

Friday, January 2011
Seminario, 1pm-3pm

Alexander Hemker and Kivanç Atak
Kick off: TBA