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I am a senior research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) of the University of Lisbon. A graduate in political science of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), I earned my doctorate from the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence.

A comparatist by training, my research interests focus on regional integration, foreign policy, political institutions, Latin American politics and EU Studies.

I have introduced the concept of inter-presidentialism to account for progress of regional integration in the absence of supranational institutions. The argument is that, in some regional organizations, domestic institutions have underpinned presidential diplomacy as main mechanism of decision-making and dispute-settlement.

I have documented a growing gap between rhetoric and achievement in Mercosur. I argue that one reason underlying this phenomenon is a misunderstanding of the European experience with integration. I also explain how, partly as a consequence of Mercosur's diminishing returns, Brazil's foreign policy has silently redefined its priorities away from the region and towards the global stage. My collaborative research shows that, unlike Brazil and Mexico, Argentina's foreign policy is rooted in domestic rather than systemic factors.

I have studied subnational, national and supranational legislatures. My findings show that there is little diversity both regarding bicameralism across Argentine provinces and legislative behavior across political parties in Buenos Aires province. I also argue that labeling Latin American supranational assemblies as 'parliaments' incurs in gross conceptual stretching.

Against conventional wisdom, I contend that Argentine party politics has exhibited at least as much continuity as change since democratization. This is due to a combination of institutional design and party strategies. In other respect, my research explains why many more Argentine than Brazilian political scientists seek and get successful careers abroad.

I contribute op-eds regularly to El Estadista and La Nación, and never miss a Rugby World Cup.


Avenida Professor Aníbal de Bettencourt, 9

1600-189 Lisboa, PORTUGAL
Tel: +351 21-780-4700



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