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On this webpage you can find information on my research and teaching interests.

Research interests:

Macroeconomics and Financial Frictions, International Macroeconomics


Financial Intermediation, House Prices, and the Welfare Effects of the U.S. Great Recession (with Tommaso Oliviero)
(submitted) - Online Appendix - Previous CSEF Working paper version

Financial Constraints and Nominal Price Rigidities (with Almut Balleer and Nikolay Hristov)
| Link to CEPR discussion paper | Link to Vox EU article

Multinational Firms and Business Cycle Transmission

Multinational Production and International Diversification (with Maren Froemel)

The Role of Uncertainty Shocks in US Business Cycles
(with Jan Hannes Lang)

Disaster Risk and Foreign Asset Dynamics, work in progress.


University of Naples Federico II

Topics in International Economics (Spring 2017), Seminar series for PhD students

Aarhus University

Industrial Organization and Strategy (Fall 2016), IO part

Economics for Bachelor Marketing and Management Communication (Fall 2016), Micro part

Econ 4522: International Economics (Fall 2016), International Macro part

Topics in international macroceonomics (June 2015), PhD course

University of Michigan

Econ 340: International Economics (Fall 2015), course evaluation results

Econ 441: International Trade Theory (Fall 2015), course evaluation results

University of Mannheim

Open Economy macroceonomics (Spring 2015)

Course description: course description
Course evaluation results: evaluation results

E588: Topics in international macroceonomics (Fall 2014)

Course description: course description
Course evaluation results: evaluation results

RWTH Aachen University

Microeconometrics (Summer 2014)

Course syllabus: syllabus
Course evaluation results: evaluation results

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