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Since January 2018, I hold a position as professor in economics at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. The chair's official webpage can be reached by clicking here.


With a PhD from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, I spent two years as a Post-Doc at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Between September 2007 and 2017 I was employed by the Swiss National Bank. Also, I am a research fellow at the CESifo Institute, Munich, Germany.


This site shall give an overview about my research in international macroeconomics and international trade. If it leaves you with open questions, do not hesitate contacting me.  



   Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications:


The Speed of the Exchange Rate Pass-Through with Barthélémy Bonadio and Andreas M. Fischer

    Journal of the European Economic Association, conditionally accepted

International Inflation Spillovers Through Input Linkages with Raphael Auer and Andrei Levchenko

    Review of Economics and Statistics, forthcoming

Quality Pricing to Market with Raphael Auer and Thomas Chaney

    Journal of International Economics, Vol. 11 (2018) pp. 87-102


Time Intensive R&D and Unbalanced Trade

    European Economic Review, Vol. 91 (2017) pp. 229-244


Dynamic Entry in Vertically Differentiated Markets with Raphael Auer

    Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 167 (2017) pp. 177-205

    (previously circulated as: Spatial Competiton in Quality)


Repatriation of Debt in the Euro Crisis with Filippo Brutti

    Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 14.1 (2016) pp. 145-174


Transmission of Sovereign Risk in the Euro Crisis with Filippo Brutti

   Journal of International Economics, Vol. 97.2 (2015) pp. 231-248


International Trade, the Gender Wage Gap and Female Labor Force Participation with Hosny Zoabi

   Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 111 (2014) pp. 17-33


Domestic Policies in Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements

   European Economic Review, Vol. 68 (2014) pp. 19-30


Fixed Costs per Shipment with Andreas Kropf

    Journal of International Economics, Vol. 92.1 (2014) pp. 166-184


CHF Strenth and Swiss Export Performance - Evidence and Outlook from a Disaggregate Analysis with Raphael Auer

    Applied Economics Letters, (2012)


Bounded Love of Variety and Patterns of Trade

    Open Economies Review, Vol. 23 (2012) pp. 645-674


Industry Composition and the Effects of Exchange Rates on Exports - Why Switzerland is Special with Raphael Auer

    Aussenwirtschaft, (2011) Vol. III


Revisiting the Infant Industry Argument

    Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 84 (2007) pp. 104-117



Working Papers:


Financial Centers and the Retained Earnings Bias with Andreas Fischer, Henrike Groeger and Pinar Yesin


Retirement Age Across Countries: The Role of Occupations with Hosny Zoabi - SNB Working Paper 2012-06


On Subsidies in Trade Agreements


Overreporting Oil Reserves - SNB Working Paper 2010-07


How to Use Industrial Policy to Sustain Trade Agreements - Figures - SNB Working Paper 2008-12



Work in Progress:


Swiss Bank Accounts with Martin Brown and Barbara Doebeli


When Stolper-Samuelson Does Not Apply - International Trade and Female Labor with Hosny Zoabi