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    Swiss National Bank

    Börsenstrasse, 15

    8001 Zürich



    Phone: +41 44 6313916

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This site shall inform the interested about my research in international economics.


With a PhD from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain, I spent two years as a Post-Doc at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Since September 2007 I am employed by the Swiss National Bank, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Also, I am a research fellow at the CESifo Institute, Munich, Germany.


If this site leaves you with open questions, do not hesitate to contact me.  



   Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications:


Quality Pricing to Market with Raphael Auer and Thomas Chaney

    Journal of International Economics (conditionally accepted)


Time Intensive R&D and Unbalanced Trade

    European Economic Review, Vol. 91 (2017) pp. 229-244


Dynamic Entry in Vertically Differentiated Markets with Raphael Auer

    Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 167 (2017) pp. 177-205

    (previously circulated as: Spatial Competiton in Quality)


Repatriation of Debt in the Euro Crisis with Filippo Brutti

    Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 14.1 (2016) pp. 145-174


Transmission of Sovereign Risk in the Euro Crisis with Filippo Brutti

   Journal of International Economics, Vol. 97.2 (2015) pp. 231-248


International Trade, the Gender Wage Gap and Female Labor Force Participation with Hosny Zoabi

   Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 111 (2014) pp. 17-33


Domestic Policies in Self-Enforcing Trade Agreements

   European Economic Review, Vol. 68 (2014) pp. 19-30


Fixed Costs per Shipment with Andreas Kropf

    Journal of International Economics, Vol. 92.1 (2014) pp. 166-184


CHF Strenth and Swiss Export Performance - Evidence and Outlook from a Disaggregate Analysis with Raphael Auer

    Applied Economics Letters, (2012)


Bounded Love of Variety and Patterns of Trade

    Open Economies Review, Vol. 23 (2012) pp. 645-674


Industry Composition and the Effects of Exchange Rates on Exports - Why Switzerland is Special with Raphael Auer

    Aussenwirtschaft, (2011) Vol. III


Revisiting the Infant Industry Argument

    Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 84 (2007) pp. 104-117



Working Papers:


International Inflation Spillovers Through Input Linkages with Raphael Auer and Andrei Levchenko

    R&R at the Review of Economics of Statistics


The Speed of the Exchange Rate Pass Through with Barthélémy Bonadio and Andreas M. Fischer


Retirement Age Across Countries: The Role of Occupations with Hosny Zoabi - SNB Working Paper 2012-06


On Subsidies in Trade Agreements


Overreporting Oil Reserves - SNB Working Paper 2010-07


How to Use Industrial Policy to Sustain Trade Agreements - Figures - SNB Working Paper 2008-12



Work in Progress:


Swiss Bank Accounts with Martin Brown and Barbara Doebeli


When Stolper-Samuelson Does Not Apply - International Trade and Female Labor with Hosny Zoabi







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