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Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies
European Union Democracy Observatory
Sub-observatory on public opinion              (Co-Director)

European University Institute

50014 San Domenico di Fiesole

Near Florence, Italy

Trinity College Connecticut            (Emeritus)

Department of Political Science
300 Summit Street
Hartford CT 06106





Until he retired in 2011, Mark Franklin was the inaugural Stein Rokkan Professor of Comparative Politics at the European University Institute (EUI) and remains a director of the European Union Democracy Observatory at the EUI's Robert Schumann Center for Advanced Studies. A past Guggenheim Fellow and Fulbright Scholar, he founded the Public Opinion and Participation Section of the European Union Studies Association, is a Director of the European Elections Studies project and chairs the Advisory Board of the British Election Study 2015. This page gives you access to different aspects of his work.


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Dr. Franklin no longer has classroom teaching duties at the EUI and all his doctoral students have now graduated (see above for remaining links with the EUI).


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Research programme

Recent scholarly papers and opinion pieces
Consortium for European Research with Election Studies (CERES Interim Website)

Inaugural lecture as the EUI Stein Rokkan Professor of Comparative Politics



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European University Institute


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Harvard University Center for European Studies

(Co-Convener, European Election Monitor, 2013 -)

Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

(Reitemeyer Professor Emeritus of International Politics)