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Not a Zero-Sum Game: China's Internal Migration and the Wellbeing of Rural-origin Children. Xu, Duoduo, Jaap Dronkers, and Xiaogang Wu. Population Study Centre, University of Michigan. PSC Research Report No. 16-855. March 2016.


Schools with high proportions of students from single-parent families and low performance. Lower teaching and learning conditions or less social capital? J. Dronkers, G.-J. M. Veerman & S.-L. Pong. Paper presented at Annual Conference of American Sociological Association (section sociology of education) in Chicago, August 22-25, 2015


Performance in Secondary School in German States – A Longitudinal Three-Level Approach. J. Skopek and J. Dronkers. Paper presented at Conference ‘(Persistent) Inequalities Revisted” Monte Vertita, Ascona (Swiss), 27-31 July 2015. Earlier version presented Lecture for EduLife at the EUI, 8 June 2015


Deviant societal attitudes and civic knowledge by 13 or 14 years old children living in different family forms? A cross-national analysis. J. Dronkers. Paper presented at 2015 Annual Meeting of Population Association of America 30 April in San Diego & 15th Dutch Annual Sociology May 27th 2015 in Amsterdam


Tracking, schools’ requirements and the educational performance of migrant students J. Dronkers & R.A. Korthals, ImPRovE Working Paper No. 15/08. 2015 Antwerp: Herman Deleeck Centre for Social Policy – University of Antwerp.


Teaching and learning conditions in schools with a high proportion of students from single-parent families as explanation of the negative effect of single-parent family composition of schools. J. Dronkers, G.-J. M. Veerman & S.-L. Pong. Paper presented at the Twelfth Meeting of the European Network for Sociological and demographic Study of Divorce, October 2-4, 2014 in Paris, France.


Does regional ethnic diversity moderate the negative effect of school ethnic diversity on educational performance? Sjaak Braster & Jaap Dronkers. CReAM Discussion Paper Series 30/14


Mind the Gap: Compositional, Cultural and Institutional Explanations for Numeracy Skills Disparities Between Adult Immigrants and Natives in Western Countries. M. Levels, J. Dronkers, and C. Jencks. HKS Faculty Research Working Paper Series RWP14-020, April 2014.


Parental background, early scholastic ability, the allocation into secondary school tracks and language skills at the age of 15 years in a highly differentiated system: a test of the contradictions between a two- or three-level approach. J. Dronkers. ROA Technical Report 2014/1


Do liberal Citizenship Policies Decrease the Citizenship Premium? Assessing the Relation between Naturalization and Employment among Male Immigrants in 16 European Destination Countries. T. Prokic-Breuer, J. Dronkers & M. P. Vink. Paper presented at the 20th International Conference of Europeanists. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 25-27, 2013.


Single-parenthood among migrant children: Determinants and consequences for educational performance. Jaap Dronkers & Matthijs Kalmijn. CReAM Discussion Paper Series 09/13


The effects of educational systems, school-composition, track-level, parental background and immigrants’ origins on the achievement of 15-years-old native and immigrant students. A reanalysis of PISA 2006. J. Dronkers, R. van der Velden & A. Dunne. ROA Research Memorandum 2011/6.


Parental divorce and attitudes about society of their children. T. Prokic & J. Dronkers.  Paper presented at the Seventh Meeting of the European Network for Sociological and demographic Study of Divorce, June 25th-26th in Antwerp, Belgium.


Perceptions of In-group Discrimination by First and Second Generation Immigrants from Different Countries of Origin in EU Member-States. S. André, J. Dronkers & F. Fleischmann. An older version was presented at the RC28 Spring Meeting 2008 Social Stratification and Insiders/Outsiders: Cross-national Comparisons within and between Continents. Florence, Italy, 15-18 May 2008 & Dutch-Fleming Meeting of Sociology 2008, Leuven, Belgium, 29 May 2008 and at the International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional, and Multicultural Contexts (3MC), Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, June 25-28, 2008. A final Dutch version is published in Mens & Maatschappij (2009). [PDF]


Stability and Change in the Effects of Female Educational Attainment and the Risk of Union Dissolution. A Seventeen-Countries Comparison. J. Härkönen & J. Dronkers. EUI working paper SPS 2006/04. Earlier versions have been presented at the 37th world congress of the International Institute of Sociology, session Demographic Aspects of Family Change, Stockholm, Sweden, 5-9 July 2005 and the Notestein Seminar Princeton 27 September 2005, the American Sociological Association 99th Annual Meeting in San Francisco/USA 14-17 August 2004 and 3rd Conference of the European Research Network on Divorce December 2nd - 4th 2004 in Cologne/Germany. A comparable analysis of the educational gradient of divorce on marriage instead of union dissolution is also available: Stability and change in the educational gradient of divorce. A comparison of seventeen countries, and is published in the special issue of European Sociology Review 2006 ‘Causes and consequences of divorce: cross-national and cohort differences’.


The Effects of Immigration Policies and Labor Market Structures on the Income of Immigrants to the More Developed Countries of Europe and North America. R.A. Wanner & J. Dronkers. Keynote speech at the Dutch-Flemish Sociological Meeting, Brussels 2 June 2005 and Harvard University Malcolm Wiener Inequality & Social Policy Seminar Series on September 26, 2005. A Dutch version of this paper is published in Tijdschrift voor Arbeidsmarktvraagstukken (2006). [PDF]


From public offices to the cultural or economic sector. How Dutch nobility kept its elite positions during the 20th century. J. Dronkers & H. Schijf. Paper presented at the meeting of the ISA Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility in Neuchatel, Switzerland, 7-9 May, 2004. A Dutch version is published in Virtus. Jaarboek voor adelsgeschiedenis (2004).


Family structure and educational attainment in Hungary. E. Bukodi & J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the second conference of The European network for empirical and comparative research on the sociological aspects of divorce, Tilburg (Netherlands), November 13-16, 2003.


Marriages between nobility and high bourgeoisie as a way to maintain their elite positions in modern Dutch society. J. Dronkers & H. Schijf. Paper presented at the session of the ESA network ‘Biographical Perspectives on European Societies’ of the 6th Conference of the European Sociological Association, 23-26 September 2003 in Murcia, Spain. A Dutch version is published in De Nederlandsche Leeuw (2005). [PDF]


Can the Similarity in Divorce Risks of West-German Siblings be explained by Parental Divorce and by other Family Characteristics? J. Dronkers. EUI Working SPS Paper 2003/05. Paper presented at the fourth Dutch Sociological Market, 22 May 2003, Nijmegen.


Is there a relation between divorce risk and intelligence? Evidence from the Netherlands. J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the gender studies programme seminar of the Robert Schumann Centre for Advanced Studies (San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy), 20 March 2003. Published in a Dutch translation in Mens & Maatschappij (2002). [PDF]


Are German Non-Public Secondary Schools More Effective at Teaching Mathematics and Natural Sciences? J. Dronkers, J. Baumert & K. Schwippert. Paper presented at the XV World Congress of Sociology in Brisbane (Australia) 7-13 July 2002.


La noblesse néerlandaise a-t-elle conservé son importance sociale au cours du vingtième siècle? [Has the Dutch nobility retained its social relevance during the 20th century?] J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the seminar ‘Réseaux familiaux et parenté dans les sociétés traditionelles et contemporaines’ of the Centre Roland Mousnier, Université de Paris-IV Sorbonne. May 3, 2002. Published in a Dutch version in Amsterdams Sociologisch Tijdschrift (2000) and in an English version in European Sociological Review (2003).


Effects of residential mobility on the educational opportunity of children in a small society with a centralised educational system. A. Vermeij & J. Dronkers. ASSR working paper 70, presented at the joint conference of the British Society for Population Studies and the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Demografie, University Utrecht, Utrecht, 31 August - 1 September 2000. Published in a Dutch translation in Pedagogiek (2001).


The intergenerational transmission of divorce risks in France. T. Traag, J. Dronkers & L.-A. Vallet. ASSR working paper no.68, presented to the Research Committee 28 - Social Stratification of the International Sociological Association in Libourne, France May 11-14, 2000.


The Changing Balance between Educational Qualifications, Occupations and Gender in the Netherlands and five other EU Memberstates between the 70's and 90's. J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the 4th European Conference of Sociology. August 18-21, 1999. Amsterdam


Different Groups of Migrants and their Participation in Dutch Universities and Vocational Colleges: what are good indicators for migrants and educational success? J. Dronkers & U. de Jong. Paper presented for the meeting van RC 28 Social Stratification of the International Sociological Association in Madison, Wisconsin, August 12-14, 1999.


The Importance of Cognitive Abilities at Primary School for Educational and Occupational Success in the Life Course of a Dutch Generation, born around 1940. J. Dronkers. Paper presented for the Research Committee on Social Stratification at the 14th World Congress of Sociology, July 27 – August 1, 1998, Montreal, Canada. Published in a Dutch translation in Psychologie en Maatschappij (1999).


Ethnic diversity in distances between language and arithmetic scores between boys and girls. J.F.M. de Fraiture, J. Dronkers & M. van Erp. Paper presented at the SCO-Kohnstamm Institute conference ‘Upbringing, education and social cohesion’, 18-19 October 1997. Amsterdam. Published in a Dutch translation in Tijdschrift voor nascholing en onderzoek van het reken-wiskundeonderwijs (1998).


The Amsterdam Model of Study Careers. Integration of Human Capital Theory and Sociological Integration theory in explaining Study Careers in Higher Education. U. de Jong, C.-Y. Sikkema & J..Dronkers. Paper presented at the ECSR conference "Rational Action Theories in Social Analysis: Applications and New Developments", Långholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, October 16-19, 1997.


Following in their parents' footsteps: intergenerational transmission of divorce in the Netherlands? J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the European Sociological Association Conference, University of Essex, August 27th-30, 1997. Published in a Dutch translation in Mens & Maatschappij (1997).


Does a conservative authoritarian regime promote the importance of the family? Trends in the resemblance in educational and occupational attainment of Spanish siblings from different birth cohorts. H. Ruigrok & J. Dronkers. Paper the NSV Meeting Sociology 1997, Utrecht 29 May 1997. Published in a Spanish translation in Revista Complutense de Educación (1999).


The effects of mother’s paid occupation on the well-being of children in Dutch secondary education. M. van Doornik & J. Dronkers. Paper presented at the European Conference on Educational Research, Seville (Spain), 25-28 September 1996. Published in a Dutch translation in Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies (1998).


Communism and the decline of the family. Resemblance between the occupational levels of Polish siblings from different gender, generations, political background and family forms. H. Ruigrok, J. Dronkers & B. Mach. Paper presented at the 7th Dutch social science conference, 11 and 12 April 1996 in Amsterdam


The decline of the family and educational resemblance between Australian siblings: Birth Cohorts, Migration, Divorce and Working Mothers N. Borgers, J. Dronkers, L. Rollenberg, M.D.R. Evans & J. Kelley. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the American Sociological Association, 19-23 August 1995, Washington D.C.


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