European Network for the sociological and demographic Study of Divorce

Last update: 18 March 2016


Background information


First conference 14-15 November 2002, Florence, Italy. Program & Abstracts


Second conference 12-15 November 2003, Tilburg, the Netherlands. Program


Third conference 2-4 December 2004 in Cologne, Germany.


Fourth conference 22-24 June 2006, Florence, Italy. Abstracts & Papers.


Fifth conference 17-18 September 2007, London School of Economics. Program


Sixth conference 18-19 September 2008, Statistics Norway & Department of Sociology, University of Oslo. Conference website, with abstracts and papers:


Seventh conference 25-26 June 2009, University of Antwerp, Belgium.


Eighth conference 14-16th October 2010, University of València, Spain. Program.


Ninth conference: October 27th -29th 2011, Milano Bocconi, Italy.


Tenth conference; October 11th - 13th 2012, University of Helsinki, Finland. Conference website with abstracts:


Eleven conference 26-28 September 2013: Department of Sociology, Nuffield College  (Oxford) and the Oxford Population Centre, UK. Organizer: C. Monden:


Twelfth conference 2-4 October 2014: French National Institute of Demographic Studies (INED), research unit "Fertility, family and Sexuality" (Paris). Organizers: Laurent Toulemon ( and Anne Solaz ( Webpage with call of papers and more information:


Thirteenth conference 17-19 September 2015: Vilnius (Lithuania). Organizers: Ausra Maslauskaite. Conference website:


Fourteenth conference 13-15 October 2016: Stockholm (Sweden). Organizer: Michael Gähler and Juho Harkonen. Conference website


Fifteenth conference 2017: Antwerpen (Belgium). Organizer:  Dimitri Mortelmans


Sixteenth  conference 2018: Tel Aviv (Israel). Organizer: Amit Kaplan  


Special issue European Sociological Review 2006 ‘Causes and consequences of divorce: cross-national and generational differences’. Content table:

- Jaap Dronkers, Matthijs Kalmijn & Michael Wagner. “Causes and consequences of divorce: cross-national and generational differences, an introduction” [PDF]

- Michael Wagner & Bernd Weiß: “European research on divorce risks: Findings from a meta-analysis of European longitudinal studies”

- Juho Harkonen & Jaap Dronkers: “Stability and change in the educational gradient of divorce. A comparison of seventeen countries” [PDF]

- Paul de Graaf & Matthijs Kalmijn. “Change and stability in the social determinants of divorce:  A comparison of marriage cohorts in The Netherlands”

- Hans–Jürgen Andreß, Barbara Borgloh, Miriam Bröckel, Marco Giesselmann & Dina Hummelsheim: “The economic consequences of partnership dissolution. A comparative analysis of panel studies from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden”

- Tamar Fischer & Aart C. Liefbroer “For richer, for poorer. The impact of macro-economic conditions on union dissolution rates in the Netherlands 1972-1996”


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